No matter what make car you drive, if you live in Clinton, Deansboro, Oriskany Falls, Madison or Hamilton we are worth the trip. No need to make the trip all the way to Utica.  We have a clean comfortable waiting area with free refreshments. If you chose to wait or drop off we will make all of your service and maintenance needs as easy and painless as possible.


Brake Service - Starting at $59.99 with labor and pads

Main Street Auto Cares.  If your brakes are squealing, if your peadal pulses or if it sounds like metal grinding,  its time to get your brakes serviced.  Our brake service ALWAYS includes servicing the caliper to ensure your new brakes last.  We are so confident in our brake service we won't only stand behind our brake service with a life time warrentee we will even stand in front if it. Brake Jobs and Service for Clinton, NY 13323. Brake Jobs and Service for Waterville, NY 13480.Brake Jobs and Service for Madison, NY 13402, Brake Jobs and Service for Oriskany Falls, NY 13425. Brake Jobs and Service for Hamilton, NY.Brake Jobs and Service for Brookfield, NY 13314. Brake Jobs and Service for Deansboro, NY 13328.



Check Engine Light On?

Main Street Auto Care has state of the art Diagnostic systems. Main Street Auto will diagnose any engine or electrical issues quickly and confidently. Many times a Check Engine Light is an easy fix such as an O2 Sensor, sometimes they can be more costly, and one thing for sure is the longer you wait the more likely it is you will damage expensive parts such as your Catalytic Converter. Check engine Automotive diagnostics for Clinton, NY 13323. Check engine Automotive diagnostic for Waterville, NY 13480.Check engine Automotive diagnostics for Madison, NY 13402, Check engine Automotive diagnostic for Oriskany Falls, NY 13425. Check engine Automotive Diagnostics for Hamilton, NY.Check engine Autmotive Diagnostic for Brookfield, NY 13314. Check engine light automotive Diagnostics for Deansboro, NY 13328.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light On?

Main Street Auto Care diagnoses TPMS lights. We are a full service tire dealer. We can install and repair tire pressure sensors. Often times the lights are triggered when a sensor battery dies. Unfortunately the sensors are sealed and need to be recycled when the batteries are dead. We can supply a new sensor and program it so you and your family will be safe. Tire Pressure Sensors and Service for Clinton, NY 13323. Tire Pressure Sensors for Waterville, NY 13480. Tire Pressure Sensors for Madison, NY 13402. Tire Pressure Sensors for Oriskany Falls, NY 13425. Tire Pressure Sensors for Hamilton, NY. Tire Pressure Sensors for Brookfield, NY 13314. Tire Pressure Sensors for Deansboro, NY 13328. Tire Pressure Sensors for Utica, NY 13501


Oil Changes - Starting at $27.99 5qts conventaionl with filter and 27 point saftey inspection

At Main Street Auto Care we perform all types of regular maintenance. From Oil Changes, to coolant flushes, if your car manufacturer recommends it we do it. We only use full synthetic or synthetic blended oils for long lasting protection. Our filters are premium long life filters. Also all oil changes come with a free tire rotation and 27 point safety check to keep you and your family safe.Oil Change Special Sale for Clinton, NY 13323. Oil Change Special Sale for Waterville, NY 13480. Oil Change Special Sale for Madison, NY 13402. Oil Change Special Sale for Oriskany Falls, NY 13425. Oil Change Special Sale for Hamilton, NY. Oil Change Special Sale for Brookfield, NY 13314. Oil Change Special Sale for Deansboro, NY 13328. Oil Change Special Sale Utica, NY 13501


Exhaust System Repairs and Replacement

Let’s face it. We live in NY, the salt state, your exhaust will not last forever. If your vehicle is louder than it used to be it could be time for a new exhaust system, or perhaps you would like your car to be louder, which we can make happen. A loud exhaust could mean dangerous Carbon Monoxide leaking into the passenger cabin.  Don't let it go without getting checked out. Bring it to Main Street Auto Care for a free check.