Stark Industries warehouse fires raises questions.

A robbery in progress call was made to police around 4AM.  Before police could search the scene the warehouse bust into flames.  The warehouse owned by a subsidiary of Stark Industries was raided by and unknown number of perpetrators. Stark Industries has not commented on the possible motives or what could have been stolen. It has long been rumored to be a top secret storage location for Stark Industries Research and Development 

Department.  This department which had been run by Dr. Myron MacLain is responsible for inventing some of the greatest advancements in metal technology such as Vibrainaum, the metal used to create Captain America's shield.  While Stark Industires has claimed that only one shield was ever produced it is suspected that a second shield known as "Type: A-002" was produced and kept in hiding to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. Some people have been questioning if this "second"shield was its self was the target of the heist.  With Stark Industries representatives remaining tight lipped its likely we will never know the truth.